Do you want to study law in English in Italy?
At UniMC you can!

The Department of Law of the University of Macerata is offering a new bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, entirely taught in English, and focused specifically on International, European, and Comparative topics: the IECoLS Course.

A strong and internationally focused background

If you are interested in widening your horizons, with IECoLS you’ll be able to learn Law, expand your knowledge, and engage in international experiences that will be of the utmost importance for your future career.
IECoLS will allow you to:

> get comprehensive legal training under the theoretical profile

> strengthened by the opportunity of internships and traineeships in Italy and abroad

> when you graduate you will have the possibility to enter the job market with the advantage of a strong and unique internationally focused educational background

> or continue your studies, specialising with a Master’s Degree in Italy or abroad

Learn Law. Expand your knowledge.


In Macerata, a small but lively city in central Italy, with a beautiful historic centre enclosed by ancient walls, fascinating museums, notable Renaissance and Baroque palaces. Its location is nestled between the Sibillini mountains and the Adriatic Sea and offers bus and train connections to many major touristic destinations in Italy.

One of the oldest Italian Universities

The University of Macerata is one among the oldest and most renowned Italian Universities. The Department of Law is the oldest department of the University and maintains the tradition of the Studium Juris founded in Macerata in 1290.

The University eagerly engages in the challenge of renovating itself and the familiarising itself with the most innovative trends in legal issues. It has an internationally recognised reputation and has traditionally been eager to host first-class visiting foreign scholars interested in delivering courses and seminars. Such tradition continues and is enhanced by the IECoLS LLB, for the full advantage of our students’ training on the most advanced issues in current legal studies. T


IECoLS is a 3-year degree in International, European and Comparative Legal Studies entirely taught in English
It allows you to apply for positions in both the public and private sectors. In particular, the IECoLS course will be
your key asset for careers in International or supranational organisations, and in enterprises (such as the financial area) and public administrations with links to the international trade sector, and/or with specific relationships with the Chinese economy.
To complete the LLB degree, you must pass 18 subject-exams, attend specialising seminars, complete an internship and prepare a final thesis, for a total amount of 180 ECTS.



Classes start in mid-September, each year. The academic year is divided into a winter term (September to December) and a spring term (February to May). The teaching modules are scheduled in both semesters, approximatively with the same number of teaching hours per semester.



The ideal student of IECoLS is… you!
The LLB degree is focused on the
student’s learning experience. Each teaching module will pay specific attention to the students, facilitating their active involvement through experience-based teaching and, as far as possible, on case law and in-class debates. E-learning facilities are available on the dedicated UniMC platform, to provide additional material for all students.
The teaching staff of IECoLS LLB is formed by experts in the taught subjects who have international experience in both teaching and research. Besides, each year many additional teaching activities will be carried out by prominent international scholars visiting Macerata University.

Basic requirements and tuition fees

Tuition fees: (for the 2021/22 academic year and to be confirmed yearly) the fees for international students range between 156 and 456 euro per year. FURTHER INFORMATION

Basic requirements
A high school diploma (at least 12 years of schooling) + A Proficiency level in English at least at B2 level

Are you ready to learn more about the IECoLS?

Contact Us

c/o IECoLS Board Chairperson

University of Macerata, Department of Law

Piaggia dell’Università, 2

62100 Macerata – ITALY

Phone: +39.0733.258.2565


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